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GIF: Ralsei says, "Hello! Angle warmly welcomes you to their Carrd."
GIF: "Credit to demirramon.com for the wonderful textbox generator!"
GIF: "Credit to demirramon.com for the wonderful textbox generator!"
about the art on this account... 
every single piece of art that i use on @ralseihugs and in this carrd is drawn by me. the sprite animations in this carrd are owned by the creators of deltarune. most of my ralsei art doesn't have my signature but please do not use that as an excuse to steal my work. you can use my art as long as you give me credit. don't be afraid to let me know in a dm or mention me saying that you'll use my art with proper credit!properly credit me by providing a link to my profile or tagging my @ in the main post that contains my art. you can mention me in the comments but don't wait for hours before giving me credit.
"are you okay with quote retweets on your art?" 
yes, as long as your caption is positive! also, when making comments on my art in general, keep in mind that it's hard for me to identify the tone in some situations. for example, i'll definitely understand you mean it positively if you said "delete this rn you drew him too cutely" but i might need some clarification if you said "why are his ears so long? are you trying to kill me"i block people who quote retweet my art with blatantly negative shit or annoying jokes. do not be surprised if i block you after you make an iffy qrt.
"am i allowed to repost your work?"
you can repost the ralsei doodles as long as there is proper credit. you cannot repost my serious art, such as the ones posted on my art-only account. if you're unsure whether or not i'm fine with reposting what you're about to repost, feel free to ask me!
"why do you draw ralsei so much?"
i love he
angle @ralseihugs
17 ❦ any pronouns ❦ filo ❦ infj

<3!!! my partner, art, writing, baking, undertale, play together, oneshot, night in the woods, smile for me, gravity falls, adventure time, made in abyss, izzzyzzz, markiplier, wendigoon, slimecicle, ludwig, jerma985, otv, jeremy zucker, lauv, conan gray, cavetown

</3. general bad stuff (lgbtphobes, pedos, racists, etc.), jumpscare bait videos, kys jokes, ralsei r34, art theft, art reposts without credit

GIF: Ralsei says, "He would love to be mutuals with you if you share interests!"
before you follow...  
i check followers sometimes. blocking if i see that you're a shitty person.i don't follow back private accounts unless we're close.i type in all caps often and i cuss a lot.
i will not interact if... 
you mainly like, retweet, or tweet about hardcore nsfw content. you can follow me, i just won't follow back and will mute you immediately.your content mostly isn't about the interests i've listed.
i will block...  
people who make r34 content of ralsei, minors, or non-consenting individuals. PROSHIPPERS.people who support NFTs.genuine assholes. you don't deserve to see ralsei.
by the way...
i'm selective of who i follow back. if i'm not following you back, it doesn't mean i dislike you or ignore you on purpose. if you want to interact with me more and be mutuals, follow me on my alt @hugsralsei
GIF: Ralsei says, "He's a minor, so he prefers to keep his timeline SFW."
GIF: Ralsei says, "Here's their other social media links. Check them out!"
GIF: Ralsei says, "If Kenji is reading this, Angle says "I love you!" She's so sweet..."